Since 2010 Viewmaster Projects has been organizing large-scale and striking video art exhibitions in public space with themes that directly relate to public space and its users. The exhibitions that Viewmaster is setting up are cross-disciplinary and deal with current social issues and present-day visual culture.

Previously Viewmaster organised For Real (2010 Maastricht/Hasselt), BodyTalks (2011 Maastricht), and Paraphrasing Babel (2012 Maastricht/Heerlen).

For Real (2010) focused on the shifting boundaries between ‘real’ and ‘unreal’. Video works and animations carried the viewers into the fantasy worlds of artists where actual and constructed realities smoothly blended. BodyTalks (2011) showed how the disciplines of video art and experimental short dance films (Cinedance bore influence on each other, how dance can be a means of communication and how non-verbal communication can turn into choreography. Paraphrasing Babel (2012) started off from oral language, visual language and written discourse. Moving images and ‘soundscapes’ rendered diverse images of strength and power, of the limitations and boundaries of language.

From September 2014 through June 2016 Viewmaster is presenting the art project 360 BRNDWR in the tower of the former firehouse on the Capucijnenstraat 21 in Maastricht. Viewmaster commissioned two artist duos (Driessens & Verstappen / Broersen & Lukàcs) to make a site-specific quadrilateral video that will be displayed each evening for the course of an entire year.