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Special one-off opening event:
The Worship –  A live performance for A Stage of Luminosity
music by HABITANTS & Rutger Muller


The opening on Thursday evening, September 19, will take on a musical character and is organized collaboration with Musica Sacra Festival, Intro in situ and The Muziekgieterij. Atmospheric rock band HABITANTS and composer-designer Rutger Muller created a thrilling ritual opening performance for A Stage of Luminosity, helping the monumental audio-video work arise on Het Vrijthof square. HABITANTS and Muller took inspiration from the artwork’s religion-inspired imagery, making sure that both the visuals and the sounds swing dynamically between the darkly mysterious and the intensely colourful.

Rutger Muller
Rutger Muller is electroacoustic composer (MA Music Technology) focused on the intricacies of timbre, acoustics and spatiality. He extract compositions or “soundspaces” from elements of ancient/classical music, (dark) ambient, (dub) techno, free improvisation and architectural ideas. By shaping a semi-abstract sound, he wants to transcend the drama of emotion, to reach beyond it, towards the patterns and noises of consciousness (the micro cosmos), outer space (the macro cosmos) and nature. Through electro-acoustic sound design and collaborations with contemporary (classical) instrumentalists, he want to shed new light on the spiritual (minimalist) essence of musical cultures — and to investigate how to make sense of this in our hectic (digital) culture. The results are often more mystic than abstract; on the edge between tranquil and uncanny.

HABITANTS are the living proof that atmosphere, talent and honest music can still prevail in an ailing music industry. With a solid rock history, René Rutten of the Dutch band ‘the Gathering’ decided to start a new band in 2015 with guitar player Gema Perèz and vocalist Anne van den Hoogen. With a mix of atmospheric, dynamic electric guitar melodies, silvery vocals and soft electronic and organic beats, the music can be best described as film music noir, creating a slow rollercoaster ride from bright colorful lights to uncomfortable pit dark caves. Habitants has Mirte Heutmekers on bas and Jerome Miedendorp de Bie on drums.

Arno Coenen
The working method of Arno Coenen has many similarities with the stained glass artists from the 19th and 20th centuries. Just as many artists from previous centuries carrying out assignments and working for (semi) public spaces, Coenen often also works on commission on projects in public spaces. Often embedded in an architectural framework, spectacular, decorative and lavish; just like in the old days, In his eclectic works (sometimes even complete Gesamtkunstwerken), Arno Coenen makes powerful linkages between “high culture” and “low culture”, between “street art” and the canon of art history. The “decorative” and the “popular” are important stylistic means in this regard. By combining the various stylistic means, his accessible, lavish artworks appeal to a wide audience. Viewmaster Projects previously worked with Arno Coenen: 360° BRNDWR # 5 / A First Stage.