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Street View

21 video projections

Entre Deux and Maastricht city center
from 02 to 31-10 2021 / every night from 20.00 to 23.00


Viewmaster Projects presents its sixth major group exhibition in public space. This year, ‘public space’ is the location and the subject of Street View. In a potent and topical follow-up to its previous presentations in the city, Viewmaster is tackling the current sense of estrangement and its considerable impact on the use and perception of public space.

The pandemic has created a different, more intense experience of what public space can mean. Though this has led to an increased sensitivity to risk and vulnerability, there is a greater understanding of the shared value of a common zone. The selected video works, presented as street projections, have acquired extra layers of meaning through current events and can activate or problematise today’s deepened understanding of the public domain.

Street View is not an exhibition about the coronavirus that shows deserted squares and empty roads. On the contrary, virtually all of the video works in the exhibition were created before the pandemic struck. Street View delves deeper into the meaning of public space. Viewmaster Projects presents 21 diverse, contemplative, activist, social or poetic approaches to public space with work by Jérôme Bucquet, Sylvain Couzinet-Jacques, Dries Depoorter, Sebastian Diaz Morales, Douwe Dijkstra, Jeroen Jongeleen, Karel van Laere, Siavash Naghshbandi, Paulien Oltheten, Su Tomesen, Kuang Yu Tsui, and students from the Maastricht Academy of Arts.

Each street projection is a window onto another city, another country, another time. They offer perspectives on different uses and meanings of public space. The 21 works are spread over the Entre Deux shopping arcade and several streets in Maastricht’s old city centre. Some of the artists show works in both the Entre Deux and the city. All works enter into a dialogue with one another, with the environment and hopefully with you, the viewer.

Bart van den Boom
Viewmaster Projects curator


Concept and production: Viewmaster Projects / Bart van den Boom
Technique, installation and realisation: AV&F and Atelier de Vree
Project collaborators: Ilona van den Brekel and Alejandra Murillo
Education: Ilse van Lieshout
Graphic design: Studio Eikenhorst
Web app / Socials: DWHouse
Texts: Bart van den Boom / The artists
Editing: Jan Smeets / Translation: Jason Coburn
Photography: Bert Janssen
Signing: Zuid-Projecten
Security and facility support: LoVin Security
Board of Viewmaster Projects:
Tim Prins, Flora Lysen, Peter van Loon