In collaboration with the Fine Art Department/ABKM, Viewmaster is organising a series of ‘Artists Talks’ with artists from Paraphrasing Babel.

25 october – Jeroen Offerman (NL)
5 november – Katarina Zdjelar (RS)
12 november – Imogen Stidworthy (UK)
19.00 / 20.30 uur (free)


Viewmaster is organising guided tours of Paraphrasing Babel. For more information about the different options and prices, please email: info@paraphrasing-babel.eu
or call +31 (0)6 – 5202 5272


Intro in situ (workshop and production space for contemporary music – Maastricht), in collaboration with the Viewmaster Foundation, issued an Open Call to submit a sound artwork that reflects on the theme of ‘language and (mis)understanding’. Submissions came in from all over Europe. A jury selected two works that have been included in Paraphrasing Babel. The works concerned are Marijn Moerbeek’s (NL) ‘Lexeem’ on show in Maastricht and Anna Raimondo’s (IT) ‘False Friends’ on show in Heerlen.

Proceeding from Intro in situ’s programme ‘The Sound Atlas of Limburg’ a talented young composer was commissioned to write a special sound composition with reference to the exhibition theme. Marc Alberto’s composition ‘Deler’s/Dividers’ is premiering at Paraphrasing Babel.


Lumière Cinema and Filmhuis De Spiegel present two special film evenings within the framework of Paraphrasing Babel. The selected films, about language and communication, reflect on the video works shown in the public space of Maastricht and Heerlen.

Planet of Snail

Maastricht: Thursday, November 8, 19:30 hrs.
Heerlen: Wednesday, October 24, 20:00 hrs.

Seung-Jun Yi, South-Korea 2011, 87 min., Korean, (Dutch subtitles)
Young-Chan has been deaf and blind since childhood. He has no idea how to participate in the world until he meets Soon-Ho, who also has a physical handicap. He marries her and learns to communicate with the outside world through her. By softly tapping each other’s finger, they can understand one another. This documentary follows the couple in a gentle tempo. These everyday scenes are accompanied by a poetic voice-over by Young-Chan, in which he reflects on his existence without sight and hearing. But that doesn’t mean he is without a sense of beauty in the world. ‘Planet of Snail’ is the winner of IDFA 2011.

Planet of SnailWatch Trailer
Lumière: 7 €, students 5 € / De Spiegel: 7 €, members 5€.
Reservations: websites Lumiere and De Spiegel

Die Frau mit den 5 Elefanten

Maastricht: Wednesday, October 24, 19:30 hrs (English subtitles)

Vadim Jendreyko, Switzerland/Gerrmany 2009, 93 min., German/ Russian spoken. With: Svetlana Geier, Anna Götte, Hannelore Hagen, Jürgen Klodt
Documentary portrait of 86-year-old Svetlana Geier, originally Ukrainian, who dedicated her life to translating Russian literature into German. The reason was, as she says herself, to pay off her debts to Germany – a debt she saddled herself with during World War II. For the last 20 years, she has concentrated on the five great novels – ‘the five elephants’ – by Dostojevsky. The film juxtaposes her meticulous intellectual effort, which she carries out with several retired friends, with Geier’s everyday activities in and around the house. ‘Die frau mit den 5 elefanten’ was nominated

Die Frau mit den 5 Elefanten

Watch Trailer
Lumière: 7 €, students 5 € / De Spiegel: 7 €, members 5€.
Reservations: websites Lumiere and De Spiegel.


Social Beta Heerlen, in collaboration with Viewmaster Maastricht, is organising a Creative Drive innovation project linked to the theme and exhibition format of Paraphrasing Babel. From 18 September through 18 November 2012, a team of young makers and thinkers from various creative disciplines in Heerlen will tackle questions about the scope of language and the possibilities and experimental forms of reaching the audience. The Creative Drive / Viewmaster Team consists of design office Homo Ludens, Strictua (Hogeschool Zuyd – Communication and Multimedia Design) and Yvette Bosch (culture scientist, Master Media Culture UM). Supervision: Egid van Houtem (Creative Drive) and Bart van den Boom / Ilona van den Brekel (Viewmaster).

The results of the project will be presented on 18 November, during the exhibition’s closing event. Soon more information on this page.


Movie Creative Drive

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Creative Drive is an Interreg IV project for the Euregion Maas-Rijn.